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Chance of Life

Hi all. I welcome you to my world. I am mentally handicapped. And the good new is that I feel comfortable with it. I can build a good life either way. I believe in myself that I have enough courage and patience to do it. I love the life and chance that are given to me.

I want people with disability to have enough motivation and confidence. Because we are all gifted. We have to be at peace with the things that we can't change.

I have been living with atypical psychosis for ten years. I have graduated from İstanbul Technical University in 2022. I thank my mother and father. I wish my father get cured from cancer. We are a strong family. My mother has got a beauty saloon. I am grateful that she helped to my life enormously.

I ask for your support to me. Follow me and subscribe. I have some gift products. I'd like to get help with them. If you purchase one I'd be happy really.

Living with psychosis


Onur Can

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