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I have always believed that people can do what they can imagine. However real life brings us limitations. Health and finance don't let us do what we imagine sometimes. Despite our real limitations, there is always a way to get the desired results.

Disability is a fact of the community, affecting many people. Not only disabled people have difficulties in their lives, but also their families have. Especially young people with disabilities live a double difficult life. Because their friends are healthy and normal, they feel lonely and hopeless. Their mind is active, they are strong in most ways, but disability...

Although we must admit disability, we have things to do about it. Practicing more, staying patient, and seeking rights are some of them. The human body has many great ways—mind, arms, legs, eyes, etc. Sometimes we can lose one or two of them, but mostly, remaining are still many. Adaptation to life with the remaining parts is possible.

I have always believed in the power of life in any form. Passion and love are the important factors of living. We can observe a strong will to live in biology, chemistry, and nature. When life ends, that means there is nothing to do. But we are alive, so we have to do something about life.

Remember the mother of you, how she looked after you when you were a baby, her love and care

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