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This post is an expression of my feelings

I have been fighting with atypical psychosis for 10 years. My personality was completely different than the person who I am. I was academically successful before my disease. But the person I became was not that successful after getting diagnosed. That was a fight that is impossible to win. I have got accepted who I became after some time. I have got freedom. Now I am completely happy and peaceful with my personality and identity.

I think I should seek for social and financial improvement now. I don't have problem with myself, so I can start to try making new social curriculum and making money. Honestly I have to pay my credits first. I have been working at a factory for 3 months. I have good friends there. Things are going not bad.

I have some products on my store here. If you want to support me, you can buy one which you like or two. Or you can just subscribe to my e-mail list. Thank you so much !

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