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Braille Inscription in Railing

Welcome to LWPsychosis

I am Onur, have to live with atypical psychosis, trying to keep life positive. I share some products with you I think you may find them lovely. 

The income generated from the products will be used for the academic needs of disabled people.

Braille Reading

Society and Finance of PwD

I have been living lonely for long, living a-social, discriminated. I don't regret about friends, do think that I was right being myself and alone, and they were right staying away from me, but we have to build a life socially and financially. I have good friends now. I have a good finance and society. If you want to support me, please don't hesitate. All income I have will spend on educational purposes of PwD including me.

Thank you so much!

Office Night Shift

If you would like to know me little more...

Be at peace about things you can't change

I am 30 years old. I have been living with atypical physcosis for 10 years approximately. I have graduated from Istanbul Technical University. I am working at a factory in Antalya, Turkey. I am single. 

My message is " Don't struggle with things that you can't change " Sometimes we meant for it. Just be at peace wisely.

Make a donation

This donation campaign is about higher education of PwD including me. I have graduated from Istanbul Technical University. I love data science, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence etc. I have a minor disability and need your support for doing master & doctorate. Thank you honestly.


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